Terms & Condition

1. Using the Platform

When you use our Online Quran Tutor platform, you agree to follow these rules. If you don't agree, please don't use the platform.

2. Your Responsibilities

Be honest when you sign up. Keep your login details safe. You're responsible for what happens using your account.

3. What We Offer

Our platform helps you get Quran tutoring online. You can learn, recite, and memorize Quran and related stuff here.

4. Paying for Services

You need to pay for the services you use. Payments are secure, and once you pay, you can't get the money back.

5. Tutoring Sessions

Arrange tutoring sessions with your tutor through the platform's schedule. If you need to cancel or change a session, let your tutor know early.

6. Being Respectful

Be polite during sessions and treat others well. If you're rude or do something wrong, you can't use the platform anymore.

7. Using Our Stuff

Everything on the platform (like text, pictures, and videos) belongs to us. Don't use it without asking.

8. Our Responsibility

We're not responsible for things like accidents or loss because you used our platform.

9. Stopping Access

If you break these rules or cheat, we can stop you from using the platform.

10. Changes in Rules

We might change these rules sometimes. If we do, we'll tell you. Using the platform means you accept the new rules.

11. Where We Follow the Law

These rules follow the laws of [Your Jurisdiction]. Any problems will be solved in the courts of [Your Jurisdiction].

By using our Online Quran Tutor platform, you're saying you read and agree to follow these rules.

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