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  • - Convenience: Our offer includes 3 days free trial to individuals.
  • - Low Budget: Tutr fee is suitable for all students.
  • - Choice: Self-choice Quran Tutr selection
  • - Technology: Used of Modern Technology help in Quran and other choices learning.
  • - Easy and Safe: 100% success.
  • Registration Fee once time in life.

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For Tutors

Once life time registration fee, you have to pay is just US$ 6 on given method/proper. After paying fee, you have to send Screen shot to with all necessary documents however you will accessible all features.

For Students

Once time registration fee of US$ 8 have to pay. After this one process (sending Screen shot to ) you will be able to have a choice of your own wished teacher. This registration fee will be first and last time. But remember, you have to pay you monthly/course Fee of Tutor.

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"Indeed this, your religion (ummah), is one religion (ummah), and I am your Lord, so worship Me” [Quran, 21:92]