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Muslims residing in non-Muslim countries have historically faced challenges in accessing reliable resources for imparting Quranic knowledge and Islamic teachings to their children. The genesis of beta.QuranTutr.com during early 2005 in Maryland, U.S.A., was fueled by the struggles and yearning of families seeking high-quality Quran education for their children. As one of the pioneering platforms in the introduction of online Quran tutoring, QuranTutr.com has been instrumental in providing Quranic knowledge to countless students globally. Our knowledgeable Quran tutrs ensure students acquire Quranic knowledge with a focus on Tajweed principles, making us a beacon in online Quran education.

About Us
About Us

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With our vision, experience, and expertise, we've revolutionized online Quran reading, rendering it as convenient and effective as traditional Quranic learning institutes. At beta.QuranTutr.com, our tutrs passionately share their profound knowledge of the Quran and Islamic theology, creating a one-on-one interactive environment that caters to each student individually, regardless of age, gender, or ethnicity. To embark on this enriching spiritual journey, students only need a functional computer system connected to the internet. Our experts will guide them through the rest, ensuring a seamless commencement of their spiritual learning experience.

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The courses for online Quran learning available at beta.QuranTutr.com encompass:

  • Quran Reading Course
  • Quran Memorization Course
  • Quran Recitation Course
  • Quran Translation Course
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"Indeed this, your religion (ummah), is one religion (ummah), and I am your Lord, so worship Me” [Quran, 21:92]