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Beta.QuranTutr.com is a U.S.A.-based Online Quran School, proudly pioneering the introduction of this innovative concept. With an offshore office, our web presence traces back to early 2005 as "Extend Knowledge LLC," registered in the state of Maryland. Our enduring and genuine online presence sets us apart, garnering consultations from individuals worldwide, surpassing our competitors.

About Us

Enrolling is as simple as submitting a properly filled registration form, accessible on our Contact Us Page, or by placing an immediate call. Rest assured, all your queries and concerns will receive a swift response within the shortest time possible. Our commitment ensures a guaranteed prompt reply to all inquiries and registration concerns, maintaining a 24-hour response time.

Our considerable success on a global scale is heavily dependent on our capable and knowledgeable Quran Tutrs. We adhere to a rigorous and impartial selection process, assessing not only the requisite qualifications and skills but also evaluating their personalities. This ensures the provision of the most amicable learning environment for our esteemed clients. This process is complemented by regular training sessions, continually refining the teaching and communication skills of the tutrs affiliated with us.

Upon completing the registration process with QuranTutr.com, our proficient technical experts assist you through the software installation process until your system is fully prepared. This ensures seamless one-on-one interaction with our tutrs, who engage with you in the most effective manner to satisfy your quest for various types of religious knowledge.

At an agreed-upon time, the student and tutr connect online. Utilizing computer telephony software, they engage in a conversation where both can see and hear each other. To enhance the learning experience, "Gotomeeting screen sharing software" is provided, enabling both to view the same lesson simultaneously on their respective computer screens. The tutr has the ability to highlight specific letters as needed, facilitating a clearer understanding of the lesson for the student.

Follow the instructions provided above, and our experienced technical assistants will guide you through all other requirements.

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"Indeed this, your religion (ummah), is one religion (ummah), and I am your Lord, so worship Me” [Quran, 21:92]